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Once upon a time, there was a woodshop on Old Cape Cod. It was called the Jolly Ole Woodshop, and the family that owned this woodshop made wooden toys for stores on and around Cape Cod and further away places too.  The woodshop was a nice business that made thousands of people happy with the wooden toys, furniture, spinning wheels, and other wood products that they produced.  As time went on, the family got involved in other business ventures, and the woodshop slowly faded into legend.  Rocking animals from 35 years ago are still passed down in the families that acquired them, elephants, giraffs, and tigers still smiling, and rocking children into places of fantasy, and fun.

Now, the Jolly Old Woodshop has come back into existance, and is making toys, and furniture again!  The products we make will be showing up on this site for both retail and whole sale buyers.  We provide old style workmanship in all our products, and it's still a family run and owned business.  We make everything here in our woodshop in Yamhill, Oregon, and make them available to you here, and at craft shows, SCA events, and by special order.

From our family to yours, the Jolly Old Woodshop builts heirloom wood products.


Handmade in America

Handmade in AmericaMade in America means a lot these days.  You can rest assured that since we make all our products in our Yamhill, Oregon shop, that anything you buy from us is supporting American business, and helping the local economy.

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