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Furniture Repair

We offer furniture repair, and restoration services to those in our area.

If you have an old loved piece of furniture, or found a beat up gem in the rough, contact us!

We'll breath new life into old, or broken furniture.

Bring the piece to us, or send us detailed images of the piece you want fixed or refinished, and we'll give you a flat fee estimate.  We do this service on a schedule, and so it is first come first served in line.  If you need a rush job, we can move your piece up for a reasonable service fee.

Examples of our work will be available soon...



Handmade in America

Handmade in AmericaMade in America means a lot these days.  You can rest assured that since we make all our products in our Yamhill, Oregon shop, that anything you buy from us is supporting American business, and helping the local economy.

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