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Jolly Old Woodshop  -  Sharpening Service

Professional knife and tool sharpening service.

Knifes, Scissors, Planer Blades, Jointer Blades, Hedge Clippers, Pruning Shears, Mower Blades.

Ask us if you have anything that needs sharpening, and we'll give you a quote.


Price List:

Knife to 6 inches $5.00 ea

Knife over 6 inches $1.00 per inch

Scissors to 8 inches $6.00 ea

Scissors over 8 inches $10.00 ea

Plane Blades $5.00 ea

Joiner Blades to 6 inches 1.00 per inch

Hedge Clippers 1.00 per inch

Pruning Shears 7.50 ea

Mower Blades (Rotary) 12.00 ea

Lathe Tools by quote after inspection.


Pickup and delivery service:

We offer pickup and delivery service within a 25 mile radius of Yamhill Oregon.

For 10 or more blades the service is free.

For fewer than 10 blades the service is $1.00 per mile.


Mail in service:

We offer 24 hour turn around on blades received by mail or UPS.

We will pay the return postage for shipment via USPS Priority Mail for any mail in orders over $30.

Mail to:

Jolly Old Woodshop

 Sharpening Service
P. O. Box 123
Yamhill OR, 97148


Contact us to arrange payment for your order.


Handmade in America

Handmade in AmericaMade in America means a lot these days.  You can rest assured that since we make all our products in our Yamhill, Oregon shop, that anything you buy from us is supporting American business, and helping the local economy.

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